What is Oolong Tea

Oolong Tea is traditional Chinese tea.

"Black tea" is completely fermented and "green tea" is not fermented, while oolong tea belongs to semi-fermented tea between these two.

Taiwan Oolong Tea

*Taiwan Oolong Tea.

Camellia sinensis

*Camellia sinensis.


Fermentation causes oxidation of tea, and different oxidation degrees give tea a different taste and aroma.

Under complete fermentation, black tea presents a dark and malty flavor. On the contrary, green tea retains green and fresh taste without fermentation.  

Semi-fermented oolong tea carries the characteristics of both black tea and green tea, of which the oxidation degree will determine its proximity to green tea or black tea. In oolong tea, Pouchong (15% of oxidation) tastes close to green tea, while Oriental Beauty Tea (80% of oxidation) tastes close to black tea.

Green Tea, Black Tea and Oolong Tea

Why it is called oolong tea?

About 400 years ago, oolong tea appeared in Wuyishan and Anxi Area, Fujian, China. There are two legends about its name:

  • The traditional oolong tea looks like a black dragon which is black, long and curly, so people named it oolong. Oolong in Chinese means black dragon.
  • One day, a tea master named Wu Long went to the mountains to pick tea. Because of the long journey, the tea had begun to oxidize and gave off a great aroma when he came home. Then, he started to make this oxidized tea and named it by following his own name.

Place of origin

Originated in Fujian, China, Oolong tea was introduced to Taiwan with immigrants in the 18th century. China is world's largest origin place of oolong tea with production accounting for 50% around the world, and Taiwan’s production accounts for 35%.

Apart from China and Taiwan, Vietnam, India, and Sri Lanka also produce oolong tea.

Different types oolong tea

More About Oolong

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