Taiwan High Mountain Tea

High mountain tea refers to oolong tea grown in mountains above 1000 meters above sea level, including Alishan, dayulin, and Lishan.High Mountain Tea has a better aroma and mouthfeel than other oolong teas.

Taiwan  High Mountain Tea distributes in Alishan, dayulin, Lishan. Alishan Tea Garden is located at an altitude of 1000-1700 meters, Lishan 1600-2400 meters above sea level, and dayulin tea plantations at 2200-2700 meters above sea level.The higher the altitude, the better the quality and the higher the price. The best quality dayulin tea costs more than US $150 per 100g.

high mountain tea plantation

high mountain tea plantation

*Taiwan high mountain tea platation.

Why High Mountain Tea tastes better

  • Sweeter taste is better: this is because of the high altitude temperature difference, so that tea sweetness increased, bitter taste decreased.
  • There's more tea pectin: mountains are cloudy and foggy, sunshine is low, and tea leaves are thicker and more pectin. The more pectin, the better the aroma and taste.

Taste of high mountain tea

High Mountain Tea has a distinct aroma and a sweet taste. The higher the altitude, the more obvious the aroma, and the highest grade of High Mountain Tea has an orchid-like aroma.


Bring filtered or spring water to 95°C. Add 6 grams of tea leaves to 150ml water. Pour boiling water over the tea leaves and let steep 120-150 Sec. Like other oolongs, the leaves can be steeped multiple times.

Health benefits of High Mountain Tea

Like other oolong teas, High Mountain Tea contains antioxidants such as polyphenols, catechins, flavonoids, vitamins, minerals, and caffeine. Drinking in moderation is good for your health.

weight loss: High Mountain Tea catechins speed up metabolism and reduce fat accumulation, while flavonoids reduce calorie absorption.

Reduce the chance of cardiovascular disease: tea flavonoids and a variety of antioxidants can relax blood vessels to stabilize blood pressure, help prevent the occurrence of cardiovascular disease.

Relax: theanine relieves stress and makes you feel relaxed.

Focus: high Mountain Tea has caffeine that helps focus and enhance memory.But taking too much caffeine can also have side effects such as headaches, sleepless nights, heart palpitations, stomach aches, and so on.If you're pregnant or nursing, follow your doctor's instructions not to drink too much High Mountain Tea.

Taiwan high mountain tea

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