Ruby Black Tea

Ruby (also called Red Jade or Ruby 18) is a tea tree variety cultivated from Burmese and Taiwan wild tea trees. It is named Ruby tea because of the bright red tea soup. Ruby tea is rich in flavor with aromas of cinnamon and mint, which is the best black tea variety.

Ruby Black Tea

Ruby Black Tea Plantation

*Ruby Black Tea Platation.

Features of Ruby Black Tea

  • Rich in tea flavor with aromas of cinnamon and mint; the best black tea in Taiwan.
  • Characterized by the longer stored, the better the taste. The ideal brewing of Ruby Black Tea is one year after storage.

Ruby Black Tea

*Ruby Black Tea.

How to brew Ruby Black Tea

Brew in hot water at 95-100°C; 4 grams of ruby black tea for per 100 ml of water; soak for 30s firstly, and then increase by 15-20s for each of the following brewing.

The tea gives soft and slight aromas of cinnamon and mint if brew in correct method.

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