Oolong Tea And Weight Loss

Can oolong tea help lose weight?

Of course, many studies have shown that oolong tea can help reduce weight and accelerate overall metabolism. But the point you must know is, oolong tea can't help lose weight quickly, and it only takes significant effect by adding to a long-term diet.

Why can oolong tea help lose weight?

The two main methods of weight loss include increasing energy consumption and inhibiting energy absorption.

  1. Rich antioxidants in oolong tea will increase metabolism by 10%, burn fats in belly and upper arm, and thus consume more calories. Caffeine contained in oolong tea helps burn fat by working with catechins (EGCG).
  2. Oolong tea maintains blood sugar levels, increases satiety, and reduces the absorption of carbohydrates and fats.
  3. In spite of no direct support, oolong tea contributes to soothing body and mind and has an auxiliary effect on weight loss.
  4. Oolong tea is calorie free as the most suitable drink for weight loss.
Oolong Tea And Weight Loss

Oolong tea can help lose weight, but…

  1. Instead of taking effect quickly, oolong tea needs to be added to your long-term diet plan.
  2. A balanced diet, proper exercise and adequate sleep can help you lose weight and enhance the effect of oolong tea.
  3. Oolong tea is not suitable for patients with diabetes, osteoporosis or kidney disease.
  4. Please notice that excessive caffeine can cause side effects such as insomnia and headache.

The best time for weight loss by drinking oolong tea

  • Please drink oolong tea in the morning or afternoon if you get insomnia when drinking before sleep.
  • Drinking before exercise will enhance the effect of burning fat.

how to brew oolong tea for weight loss?

Put 6g tea into 150ml of hot water at 95℃, and then drew it for 2-3 minutes. You may adjust the amount of tea and brewing time according to personal taste.

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