Iron Goddess Of Mercy Oolong Tea

Iron Goddess Of Mercy Oolong Tea is a traditional Chinese oolong tea originating in Fujian Province, China. It is characterized by high degree of oxidation and strong taste. Besides Fujian's Anxi, Iron Goddess Of Mercy Oolong is also grown in Taiwan.

Iron Goddess Of Mercy Oolong Tea plantation

Iron Goddess Of Mercy Oolong Tea

*Iron Goddess Of Mercy Oolong Tea plantation.

Characteristics of Iron Goddess Of Mercy

This is the name of a goddess. It is said that it leads a sick person to find a tea tree, and the patient returns to health after drinking the tea. To thank the gods, the tea was named after the goddess.

Iron Goddess Of Mercy mainly produced in Fujian and Taiwan, but the two Iron Goddess Of Mercy Tea taste different. Fujian Iron Goddess Of Mercy has a high oxidation degree, accounting for about 50%, which belongs to traditional oolong tea. Taiwan's Iron Goddess Of Mercy is 25 to 35 % oxidized and roasts for 8 hours, with the smell of charcoal.

Iron Goddess Of Mercy Oolong Tea

*Iron Goddess Of Mercy Oolong Tea.


Iron Goddess Of Mercy in anxi, fujian has a strong flavor and a floral aroma, while it's made in Taiwan with the smell of charcoal.

health benefits of iron goddess of mercy oolong tea

iron goddess of mercy has polyphenols, flavonoids and other antioxidants that help lose weight, improve skin, and help heart health.

Improvingyour skin: Polyphenols are antioxidants that soothe skin problems. 

Helping you lose weight: Iron goddess of mercy has catechin, which can speed up metabolism. Flavonoids reduce the body's absorption of starch because too much starch can easily form fat. 

Relaxing:  L-Theanine can relieve stress and relax. Caffeine can boost energy and improve memory. 

Caffeine in Iron goddess of mercy Tea

Iron goddess of mercy contains caffeine, which is not too much in the tea category, but drinking too much can still cause side effects such as inability to sleep, headache and stomachache. Pregnant women should also be instructed by the doctor to drink in moderation.

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