Oolong Tea vs Green Tea

What makes Oolong Tea different from Green Tea? 

Oolong tea and green tea share the same raw materials since they both are made from the leaves, stems and buds of tea trees, but the way of processing is different.

There is no fermentation when processing green tea, while oolong tea is partially fermented. That means oolong tea tastes sweet and has multiple aromas. Without oxidization, green tea tastes bitter and grassy.

The Difference Between Oolong and Green Tea

Which kind of tea is healthier?

Both green tea and oolong tea are good for health.

With lowest processing degree, green tea retains more catechins, which is an ideal antioxidant. In addition, green tea is also beneficial for reducing the risk of heart disease, increasing bone density, and preventing tooth decay.

Green tea has wonderful health benefits, and oolong tea also contains the merits that green tea does not have. Oolong tea is known to be helpful in reducing inflammation, improving intestinal function, and reducing eczema.

Both of these two kinds of tea are good for your health as long as adding any of them to your long-term diet.

Which kind of tea is more beneficial to weight loss?

Oolong tea and green tea can help burn fat, but you must know that as all studies have pointed out, you have to drink tea every day to take effect since it can't help lose weight quickly.

So just choose between green tea and oolong tea depending on your mood! The key is to add into your long-term diet plan.

Which kind of tea contains higher caffeine? 

About 10mg caffeine is contained in every 100ml green tea, which is 12~18mg in 100ml oolong tea, so the higher the oxidation degree, the more the caffeine content.

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