Taiwan Dayuling Tea

Dayuling is a high mountain in Taiwan. Dayuling Tea Plantation is located 2400-2600 meters above sea level, and it is the world's highest Oolong tea production area.

Dayuling Tea Platation

*Dayuling Tea Platation.

Why is Dayuling Tea popular?

  • The Dayuling Tea Plantation is 2400-2600 meters high where snowy from November to March. The low temperatures slow the growth of the tea and make it very soft to drink.
  • During the growing period of tea, the temperature difference between day and night is 35 degrees Celsius. Under the environment of huge temperature difference, the bitter and astringent components of tea are reduced, and the aroma of flowers and plants is obvious.
  • Dayuling in the morning, the sun is strong, in the afternoon will be covered by thick fog, sunshine time is short,Dayuling tea is thicker than the average tea and sweeter with more pectin.
  • Tea production is very small, and there is very little arable land on which the mountains can grow tea. Currently, Dayuling Tea has only three farms, which are harvested only twice a year.

Dayuling Tea

*Dayuling Tea.

Dalongling Oolong Tea, harvesting spring tea in May and winter tea in October.It is the most precious high mountain oolong tea in Taiwan because of its low yield and good quality. Here's the Dayuling Tea Plantation:

Dayuling Tea Plantation

Dayuling Tea

Dayuling Tea

*Dayuling Tea Plantation.

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