Yu Shan High Mountain Oolong Tea(2024 Spring Tea)

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The tea garden is situated in original high mountain forests. The YuShan oolong tea is irrigated by pure water, so the picked oolong tea tastes aromatous and soft, with special alpine aroma. The height of the tea garden is 1,600 meters and it’s the most famed oolong tea in Taiwan.

  • The manual harvest was done on 4 May 2024. The picking standard is three leaves all together.
  • The tea garden is situated in Yu Shan- the most ancient and highest oolong tea areas.
  • Slight fermentation without baking to keep the initial taste of tea.
  • Because of the low temperature environment, only Mays and Octs are the months for harvest. So the Yu Shan oolong tea is very precious.
  • The tea farmers would produce and sell all by themselves, so you can buy high-quality Yu Shan oolong tea with a nice price.
YuShan mountain is the highest mountain in Southeast Asia with an altitude of nearly 4000 meters.This mountain is in year-round wind blowing, and has the most remote wild environment in Taiwan.The manufactured Yu Shan high mountain oolong tea is sweet, refreshing, with a very unique flavor.If you like high mountain oolong tea, the Yu Shan tea cannot be missed.

Tea garden is located in the forest, with a sunny exposure and well drained slope, to ensure the good production environment of tea. Every May is the time of spring harvest, while the winter harvest is in October.

Good weather makes the Yu Shan oolong tea good quality in 2024, which is the best batch in recent years. For shipment from Taiwan origin, it is free freight to North America, Europe, Japan, Singapore, Australia, if the order value reaches $120 dollars.

More Information
Style Of Tea High Mountain Tea
Picking Date 2024/5/4
Season Spring Tea
Altitude 1610M
Baking Level None
Package Vacuum Packing
weight 75 grams
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