White Tip Oolong Tea

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There is a kind of green insect in tea gardens in Taiwan in summers and the oolong tea would turn into white once being bitten by this kind of insects through oxidation reaction. After heavy fermentation and slight baking, the white tip oolong tea would be made successfully by tea farmers. The white tip oolong tea tastes sweet , just like fruit.

  • The whole manual harvest was done on 5 June 2023.
  • The farm is situated in the Pinglin tea area in the north of Taiwan-the best white tip oolong tea producing area.
  • The pekoe is very obvious-the greatest white tip oolong tea.
  • The heavy 80% fermentation makes it taste strong and sweet.
  • Annual harvest only in summer.
  • The tea farmers produce and sell all by themselves, so you can buy the high-quality white tip oolong tea with a nice price.

White tip oolong tea is very special. The name "白毫(in Chinese)" means white tea buds, which is its most prominent feature, and the whiter tea buds are, the better the tea quality will be. White tip oolong tea is picked and harvested every summer. After fermentation, it tastes fresh and sweet just like the sweetness of flowers and plants.

The production period of white tip oolong tea is from June to July, and after July, the white buds of the tea will disappear and it will not be able to be picked and harvested until next year, which is why the output of which is low.

This is the latest white tip oolong tea with 80% fermentation in 2023. The tea will be delivered from Taiwan to Japan, China, Europe, and North America and other regions, and the free freight will be offered if the total price of the order exceeds $120!

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More Information
Style Of Tea Oolong Tea
Picking Date 2023/6/5
Season Summer Tea
Altitude 250M
Baking Level Light Roast
Package Vacuum Packing
weight 75 grams
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