Lishan High Mountain Oolong Tea(2024 Spring Tea)

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Height of Lishan is 1,600-2,200 meters, which is the the highest oolong tea producing area in Taiwan. Because of lower temperature and less sunshine here, Lishan high mountain tea tastes greater than tea produced in low altitude areas. Lishan high mountain oolong tea is considered as the one of a kind among oolong tea.

  • Manual harvesting day was 5 May 2024, a sunny day.
  • Tea garden is situated in original forests with fresh and clean water and soil there, so it tastes refreshing and sweet.
  • Height is about 1900 meters. Microthermal growing environment makes the aroma even more obvious. 
  • Slight fermentation without baking to keep the original components.
  • Use amount of organic fertilizers to make the leaves thick and the Lishan high mountain tea taste softer and more silky.

Lishan is at an altitude of 1600 meters to 2200 meters, with a pure high mountain environment. Farmers began planting tea trees 30 years ago, and soon Lishan became the most famous high mountain tea producing area in Taiwan. Why is Lishan oolong tea so popular?

First, due to the low temperature in Lishan, the tea leaves are in slow growth, so the tea leaves are thick, making the tea with more obvious aroma. Secondly, the temperature difference between day and night in Lishan reaches 30 degrees Celsius, making the bitterness of tea decline, and a substantial increase in quality. Finally, the high mountain is not polluted, so the tea tree grows in a healthier way, and the tea made is better.

2024 Lishan high mountain oolong tea was harvested on May 5, a sunny day. it is now free freight if order value reaches $120.

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More Information
Style Of Tea High Mountain Tea
Picking Date 2024/5/5
Season Spring Tea
Altitude 1900M
Baking Level None
Package Vacuum Packing
weight 75 grams
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