Taiwan Da Yu Ling Alpine Oolong Tea(2024 Spring Tea)

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Da Yu Ling is a high moutain in central Taiwan. The height is 2,200-2,600 meters. Cold and foggy for whole year. The Da Yu Ling Alpine Oolong Tea produced here tastes special with fresh scent.

  • Manual harvest on 14 May, 2024.
  • Best Oolong Tea In Taiwan
  • The average height of the tea garden is 2,300 meters. It’s a good high mountain tea producing area for its low temperature and foggy weather.
  • The snow season is from Nov to Mar. The slow growing process of tea trees would help the aroma be more obvious.
  • Slight fermentation without baking would remain the natural taste and ingredients of the tea leaves.
  • The tea garden is situated inside the environmental reserve. The Taiwan government has banned the plantation of tea trees. So the Da Yu Ling tea would reduce year by year for the shut-down of farms. 

Da Yu Ling is a high mountain in Taiwan, which is also the world's highest Oolong tea producing area with a height between 2200 to 2600 meters. The original natural environment and a large temperature difference day and night about more than 30 degrees Celsius lower the bitterness of oolong tea and give it unique aroma. The oolong tea produced there is with the highest quality.

Unfortunately, Da Yu Ling lies in the environmental protection zone, and the Taiwan government has banned the tea cultivation there. Tea trees in this area have been gradually cut off and the tea output has been declining. 

Grow in the mountain with the highest altitude, oolong tea has its unique aroma, and its production becomes less and less. If you are a fan of oolong tea, you are supposed to try Da Yu Ling tea.

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More Information
Style Of Tea High Mountain Tea
Picking Date 2024/5/14
Season Spring Tea
Altitude 2300M
Baking Level None
Package Vacuum Packing
weight 75 grams
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