Ti Kuan Yin Tea

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TiKuan Yin tea is a kind of oolong tea. Different from the usual oolong tea, it needs long time baking process-usually 8-16 hours. Thus, the TiKuan Yin tea tastes with heavy carbon fire aroma.

  • The harvest was done on November 8, 2022. the producing area is Shimen tea area.
  • Slight fermentation, tasting nearly like the green tea but with the carbon fire aroma.
  • Use woods for baking to keep the brilliant wood aroma.

Ti Kuan Yin Tea(鐵觀音) is the name of a Chinese goddess, meaning "Iron Goddess of Mercy," and Ti Kuan Yin tea is the most famous tea in China. It is a partially fermented oolong tea, the taste of which is close to that of green tea. The tea would be baked, so there will be a charcoal aroma.

Shimen is a famous Ti Kuan Yin tea producing area in Taiwan, it is also one of the best tea producing areas. Unlike machines used elsewhere, the tea maker there prefers baking the tea with wood, so the tea has a charcoal aroma, smelling very special and fascinating.

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More Information
Style Of Tea Oolong Tea
Picking Date 2022/11/8
Season Winter Tea
Altitude 300M
Baking Level Light Roast
Package Vacuum Packing
weight 75 grams
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