Narcissus Oolong Tea

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Narcissus is a special variety of tea trees, which is initially native to the southern China, tasting strong enough, similar to the aroma of orchid.

  • Manual harvest on 22¬†April 2021.
  • The age of these tea trees is 20-25, emitting great aroma of orchid.
  • Slight fermentation and moderate baking.
  • The tea garden is situated in PingLin tea area in Taiwan- the best producing place of narcissus tea.
  • Tea farmers produce and sell all by themselves. Shipment from Taiwan.

Narcissus is a special tea tree species, which was originally planted in southern China. The feature of narcissus tea is the mellow taste and the orchid fragrance. It has been a famous Chinese tea since hundreds of years ago. Another feature of it is that the older the tree is, the more fragrant the tea will be, so that tea farmers will rank the tea in accordance with the age of the tree, 10 years, 10-20 years, 20-40 years, and over 40 years. The older the tea tree is, the higher the quality of the tea will be.

Narcissus tea produced in Pinglin tea area in Spring, 2021 was picked from 20 to 30 years old trees, with a great fragrance of orchid.

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More Information
Style Of Tea Oolong Tea
Picking Date 2021/4/22
Season Spring Tea
Altitude 400M
Baking Level Light Roast
Package Vacuum Packing
weight 75 grams
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